Noah Connects

Noah has already connected with a friend in Indy (as of last year actually) and his friend Seth’s family has really welcomed Noah into their fold. This is not only a blessing for Noah but for his us as well as his parents…who are SO far away!

While we were in Indy, they had our whole family over for the evening for dinner and to hang out at their cool home and farm. Here are some pictures of the evening.


I needed to keep my left hand chording callouses hard so I asked Rachel if she could set me up with a borrowed guitar while we are in Indy for 3 weeks.

She asked a worship leader at her church and he said no problem. So she showed up Sunday night with this beauty! I saw CF Martin on the case and started to wonder. I opened it upand there it was – this amazing Martin! I’ve never coveted a Martin and still think they are insanely priced, but this sure is sweet to play!

All I can say is that God is good!