Since I’ve been doing worship leading (starting around 1993), I’ve been making my own lead sheets. I’ve never been comfortable with what I see in song books when I’m in front of people actually singing and playing. I’ve needed bigger words and bigger chord names simply to be able to see them at a glance. I’ve never been able to keep a large number of songs in my memory to not have need of some song sheets. So for me it’s a function of my vision and my memory. Maybe God will change all that one day!

In the mean time, I’ve amassed a fair amount of lead sheets/song sheets. It’s these that you’ll find linked to on this page. A few words about them to “manage” your expectations: ;-)

  • This is basically just what works for me copied for the world to use…no major plans to create the perfect, all-encompassing lead sheet site ;-)
  • They are in Microsoft Word format
  • I have a number of home-grown Word macros that I use for formatting, key-changing, etc. They are very customized for my situation but you’re welcome to have them if you want them. They don’t have much documentation and I’m not in a position at the moment to make them beautiful. Just be aware that a knowledge of Word Macros is pretty essential to use them. Just contact me if you want them…
  • We moved from the States to Scotland in 2000 and to France in 2002. My English lead sheets pretty much stop at that time and then my French ones start. (It’s the French section that is likely to change the most.)
  • In 2016, I went digital-only with my lead sheets using the fabulous SongBook software and a computer (or tablet or phone – as the occasion arises). So, as of 2016, there will only be rare updates to this page/the collection of lead sheets.
  • Frequently my French lead sheets, if it’s a translated song, will have both the English and French side-by-side.
  • Translations are not always the official translation
  • There are errors!
  • The format has evolved somewhat. (many of the English leadsheets used the font “Monaco” and “MonacoBold”, which if you don’t have it on your machine, may cause the documents to be “unreadable”. As I come across these, I’m changing the fonts to make them useful again. Keep in mind that you can do that too if you come across such a song sheet.
  • The chords and/or keys are what works for me…your mileage may vary (I play guitar and often change the chord voicing to simplify it for me).
  • At the moment they will just be the title of the document…I don’t have time to create everything really nicely. Hopefully the site search will index things well enough to help you find what you need.
  • This page will change as I update the documents (and find time to update the page)
  • You can click on the column headers to sort each individual list (i.e. to find out which have changed recently)
  • I’ve placed a zip file at the top of each section that contains all those documents in one compressed file.
  • Your comments are welcome!

The Sections

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Christmas Songs

English Lead Sheets

Partitions françaises (frequently French and English – souvent français et anglais)

Tri-lingual lead sheets in English, French and German/Anglais, Français et Allemand/Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch

Overheads in French and English/Transparents en français et anglais

Lead sheets in French and German/Français et Allemand/Französich und Deutsch

Deutsche Lieder


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I apologize for the lack of a search dialog here.  The search service is no longer available and I’ve not found the time to replace its functionality with something else.



  1. Elvire

    Salut David,
    merci beaucoup de nous donner accès à ça, c’est super !!!
    Sympa de t’avoir revu en août, je me réjouis de refaire équipe avec toi en janvier à Strasbourg

  2. Nathalie Gendron

    Merci David,
    C’est vraiment très bien de ta part.

    Tu as fait un travail remarquable. Tout est très bien organisé.
    Que le Seigneur te bénisse!



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