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In ’99 or 2000, I got a Korg AX1000G guitar multi-effects pedal.  I used it up until August 2014, when my eldest daughter, Rachel, bought me a brand, spankin’, new DigiTech RP500.  So at that point, I started “painting” with a new palette.  So the loops below may have been done with or the other of these pedals to get the main sound effects (check the tags).

Somewhere around 2009-or-so, I started doing “prayer-room-style” worship sets at our church (and now we have a real “house of prayer!“)  For those who are not familiar with this context musically, there can be loooooooooong periods of time where spontaneous/improvised singing is done over a repeated chord progression.  Often, with our small set-up, I was the only musician and singer.  What does this mean?  It means my fingers were screaming! (and the accompanying chord progression could get a bit boring).

I discovered, probably around 2010, that looper pedals existed!  There was light at the end of the tunnel for my fingers and my creativity.

In 2011, I got a Digitech Jamman Delay, combination looper/delay guitar pedal for my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!

Since then I’ve been having fun learning to exploit its capabilities.  Of course, like with all good techo-gear, I’ve also learned its limitations and have developed lots of gear-envy for other looper and delay pedals but this (now discontinued) model still does some stuff that I find unique in this genre of pedal. Even if I got other looper and delay pedals, I’d be hard-pressed to part with this one.

One nice capability is the ability to export stored loops as wav files that one can play with on computers.  So for a couple of years I’ve been storing loops that I’ve created that I think deserve a second look – in hopes that SOME day, I’d be able to:

  1. Put them on-line to share with others (to use as you will)
  2. Create my own “mashup” compositions using the loops as the building blocks

In a prayer-room, intercession or meditation setting, there are certain loops that have been very effective.  It’s worth noting that ALL of these have been birthed either directly in a prayer-room or in preparation for leading worship in a church setting.  I’m hoping that some of them can be used as is or in further compositions for “soaking” music or as background for meditation, prayer, intercession, etc.

My looping technique/process

My setup varies a bit only if I want to loop other things besides my guitar, like my voice or a harmonica or anything that I want to capture with a microphone.  I have a tiny Behringer Xenyx 502 mixer (yeah, yeah – I know.  Behringer is horrible, etc. blah, blah, blah).  For my purposes it works and for my budget as well.  Anyway, I can put that in front of my Korg AX1000G effects pedal and then feed that into my Digitech Jamman Delay.  Then, anything that I can put into the mixer I can loop.  It’s a bit complex to set up, especially as I am also feeding all that into a sound system.  So I usually leave out the mixer and just loop my guitar.  But, there are a few examples below of looped voices, etc. and that can be fun!

To loop something short (1-2 measures), you can just go for it without too much forethought.  This can be fine for a steady rhythm or for a simple chord progression.  When playing live, this is about all you can do.  If you go longer (at least in my experience), you’ll have problems with tempo.  I believe the pedal, under certain circumstances, is supposed to quantize the performance and make up for slight differences…but…well, YMMV!  I think that’s only when you pre-tap your tempo and that’s pretty much impossible when live-looping. If the loop comes off well, then you’re good.  You can layer it or simply solo over it, etc.  It would be rare, I think, that such a loop would be worth saving and I doubt that my collection below contains any loops made in this fashion.

What I do regularly for my house of prayer (HOP) sets, is to have about a 30-45 minute portion at the beginning where I/we sing a passage of scripture (“Worship with the Word” √† la IHOP…sort of).  To have this background work for 30-45 minutes, it needs a bit of “complexity” to stay interesting.  What that means is a longer, multi-layered loop.  These days, I try to come up with a loop that’s around a minute long.  Mostly I’m doing 8 or 16 measures of something. To stay on tempo, I use the tap-tempo feature of the Jamman to set the tempo I want and turn on its metronome feature.   Then I lay down either a rhythm or the base idea that I have in my head. I often use the really cool feature of the Jamman Delay to lock the delay tempo the loop tempo.  I usually use a dotted-8th note delay (for most things in 4 without too much swing).  My different layers will not always be for the whole length of the loop.  That allows the loop to have “ebbs and flows” (dynamic changes, style changes, different effects and sounds, etc.).  Once I’m satisfied with it, I save the loop and turn off the metronome and I’m good to go.

My gear/setup

  • Acoustic guitar (used on a very small portion of the loops) – Yairi WY-1
  • Electric guitar – Squier Cyclone, After August 2015: Fender Stratocaster (MIM 2007 FatStrat H/S/S)
  • Effects pedal – Before August 2014: Korg AX1000G, After August 2014: Digitech RP500 – these pedals are what is making most of the different effects, including the percussive sounds
  • Looper pedal – Digitech Jamman Delay
  • Mixer – Behringer Xenyx 502 (in use if the looped item is NOT a guitar) – Note: discovered later that this little mixer, if I run the guitar through it to switch between guitar and voice REALLY sucks the guitar tone.  So, I’ve eliminated it from the mix and just run left/right inputs into the jamman and outputs from it and then into two mono signals for either the guitar or whatever else I’m looping on the other side. Lately, I’ve gotten ahold of a 2 octave midi keyboard that I connect to my computer and using VST plugins, I create different synth pad sounds that I can also loop, or use the Black Magic Lite VST for creating a real rhythmic base to the loop (as opposed to using the guitar).  Just need a better computer to output that stuff! ūüėČ

The Loops!

So, here you can download the single iteration loop as a “.wav” file or listen to/download a 10-times-looped “.mp3” version.  You can sort any of the columns and also do multiple column sorts via a “shift-click” on multiple columns.  Multiple clicks or shift-clicks on any column will toggle the sort of that column to ascending or descending mode.  You can type text into the search box and the display will filter the table to only show the rows where the text is found (it searches while you type and clearing the box will reset the search/filter and reveal all the rows).  Feel free to leave a comment and enjoy!

Loop File
Looped 10xLength
Brisk Walk2Brisk Walk21A one-measure simple rhythm loop at a nice clip!131Rhythm04-Aprfast, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Echo Walk10Echo Walk98Walk tempo with echo rhythm98Rhythm04-Aprmedium, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2014-03-01
Night Stroll6Night Stroll63A calm rhythm loop with hints of crickets in the moonlight77Rhythm04-Aprslow, electric guitar, Korg AX1000G2014-07-29
Opening Tap3Opening Tap26Opening a rhythm box95Rhythm04-Aprmedium, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2014-07-29
Sing For Joy11Sing For Joy112Vocal loop of "Sing for joy to the Lord all the earth" with rhythmic distorted electric guitar and some real (not guitar effect created) dombek sounds87G04-Apr1 4 1 1susvocal, medium, electric guitar, delay, doumbek, Korg AX1000G2014-05-27
Slow Walk4Slow Walk39A slow-paced promenade64Rhythm04-Aprslow, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2014-07-29
Lounge Bubbles11Lounge Bubbles113Relaxed lounge progression with some annoying bubble noises!85G04-Apr6m 4 1 5slow, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2014-05-27
Tout pr√®s de Toi15Tout pr√®s de Toi155Boucle vocale sur ¬ę Tout pr√®s de Toi, Tu nous √† mis tout pr√®s de Toi ¬Ľ62E04-Apr4 5 6m 4 6m 5slow, electric guitar, vocal, Korg AX1000G2014-05-27
Firefly Swarm19Firefly Swarm185A swarm of happy fireflies on a summer night - electric guitar solos over phase-shifting background with percussive sounds103E04-Apr4 5 6m 4 6m 5medium, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2014-05-27
Sparse Funk2Sparse Funk24A sparse/echo-y funky/syncopated rhythm98Rhythm04-Aprmedium, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Steady Carpenter3Steady Carpenter28Steady phase-shifted 8th-note rhythm86Rhythm04-Aprslow, electric guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Simple Three5Simple Three52A simple rhythm in three105Rhythm04-Marmedium, electric guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Simple Swagger6Simple Swagger64A simple electric guitar strum with a bit of delay75G04-Apr2m 5slow, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2014-02-28
Taking My Growl For A Walk8Taking My Growl For A Walk80Hand-muted electric guitar picked pattern with slight distortion growl on a Dm chord120F04-Apr6mmedium, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2011-11-09
Coming After Me9Coming After Me90A tense electric guitar layered loop on C#m-C#m7 with percussive sounds background106E04-Apr6mmedium, electric guitar, percussion, delay, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Come Along Side9Come Along Side94Palm-muted delayed loop between A and D102A04-Apr1 4medium, delay, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
All Things Work Because of You9All Things Work Because of You94A harmonized vocal loop on the phrase "All things work because of You" over a finger-picked electric guitar with light rhythm.101G04-Apr4 6m 5medium, delay, electric guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Sigh13Sigh126Finger-picked, soft meditative chord progression. 76G04-Apr5m 4 5Mslow, clean, electric guitar, calm, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
What are you saying?11What are you saying?106Minor melody over delayed palm-muted strum between Dm and Dmsus.91F04-Apr6m 6m4slow, electric guitar, delay, solo, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Jungle Manufacturing15Jungle Manufacturing147Sounds like you're overhearing some people working in the jungle - hammering on metal (ring modulator to create chimes).115 (approx)RhythmN/A (not standard measures)medium, electric guitar, delay, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Mist Rising15Mist Rising147Soft Em drone vocalizing in the background while descending from G, F#, E, D using a reverse-delay plus some echoing rhythm65G04-Apr6mslow, electric guitar, delay, reverse delay, vocal, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Quiet Morning17Quiet Morning168Acoustic finger picking on variations of the D chord form with a drone on the B string (D).57D04-Apr1slow, acoustic guitar, Korg AX1000G2011-11-09
Merveilleux Conseiller17Merveilleux Conseiller165Boucle vocale sur ¬ę Merveilleux - Conseiller, Dieu Tout Puissant, P√®re √Čternel, Prince de Paix ¬Ľ de √Čsa√Įe 9.558G04-Apr1 4 2m 5slow, vocal, electric guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Ta Passion18Ta Passion179Progression d'accords de la strophe pour le chant TA PASSION que j'ai écrit avec Julie Klein : Sim SibM7 Mi Fa# Sim
54A? D?04-AprBm BbM7 E F# Bmslow, acoustic guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Nous Crions Gloire8Nous Crions Gloire80Progression d'accords de la fin du refrain pour le chant NOUS CRIONS GLOIRE : Mim Ré Lam Mim
111G04-AprEm D Am Emslow, acoustic guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Ambient Exploring282Ambient Exploring28226 minute loop "roughly" in 3 with a triplet feel. Exploring in E minor mostly, with some quieter and some more rhythmic moments.
135-140 (not an exacting time signature, but it does loop well)G3/4 more or lessEm D mostly but often without a progressionlight, dancing, minor, delay acoustic guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Accordion Cutback287Accordion Cutback2862This is a reverse delay effect on either (I don't remember) a flanger effect or simply some distortion. The result has an accordion sound to it. It's not complex or multi-layered but still has an ambient feel.96-97 roughly - because it's a reverse delay AND it's long, it's hard to count out exactly to figure out the exact tempoG04-AprG Amaccordion, reverse delay, acoustic guitar, Korg AX1000G2013-12-05
Easy Pulsar46Easy Pulsar455Steady quarter note pulse with lower bass note motif. Then a high "starry" plucking motif happens. Major "feel"84.6G04-AprG D C
pulse, acoustic guitar, Korg AX1000G2015-05-04



    amazing. Thank you for these. I am a new director for in Oklahoma. they go on in France as well. It appears you are ahead of all of it and already about it! my little thing is and outreach things and especially Worship Evangelism
    These loops are invaluable to me as many places i will be doing burns (ihop and your type of vertical worship) will be out of the way places that are considered ghost towns but with people in the area. These patches and THE LOOPS! are a God send- i fulley appreciate what it took to create and produce them. Here i am in the outback of Oklahoma and i just received an entire library of good to go sounds to take on the road here!


    u also provided notes for each that are as agood as lead sheets- i dont have to fugure them out! extremely well thought out do others use your work?

    • David

      Thank you so much for your kind remarks! You’re the first to have mentioned using the loops and patches. I also need to update them as I have zillions more loops and several more patches. I’ll try and get more on the site and I’ll connect with you directly via email as well.


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