Ham on Nye – I’ll take a bite!

I didn’t watch the debate. Based on what I’ve read, I’m not sure it would have been the best use of my time. I think if we take a step back we can (hopefully) see that the debate is NOT a 2-sided black and white affair. There isn’t a “side” that can “win.” How telling...

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All that Jazz

Yesterday seemed to have very dissonant chords and unusual rhythm changes.  I like jamming but I’m not so good at improvising.  Dr. Chris Jones helped a lot this morning: https://mediastorage.cloversites.com/renovatuschurch/media_player/Act%203.mp3 I’m involved in a...

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OCE Report: Berlin, Germany

OCE Report: Berlin, Germany

God put Germany on my heart early.  I began taking German as a foreign language in junior high and continued through high school and a bit in university (actually speaking German remains a challenge for me ).  I've been drawn to Germany ever since.  It's not always...

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A day at the fair

This was the fun day to see the Indiana State Fair (for the first time in probably 35 years) and to see Rachel's children's literature debut and graphic design creations that were all over the fair grounds since this was the "Year of the Dairy Cow" at the State Fair...

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Turn About Is Fair Play

So we're at this wedding near Chicago right? Meanwhile this family from Wheaton, IL (also near Chicago) is living in our house in France. Soooooo...when we went to Chicago and had to spend the night, we were able to spend the night in their house in Wheaton! Cool,...

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Noah Connects

Noah has already connected with a friend in Indy (as of last year actually) and his friend Seth's family has really welcomed Noah into their fold. This is not only a blessing for Noah but for his us as well as his parents...who are SO far away! While we were in Indy,...

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