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Lately, I’ve been creating effects patches for my DigiTech RP-500 multi-effects pedal.  I’m mostly interested in ambient sound creation, but also for basic rhythm and lead patches.  The setup of the RP-500 allows you to create some pretty interesting combinations and each patch has a fair amount of versatility to it based on the stomp-box buttons for compression, distortion, chorus/fx, delay and reverb (and whatever you might assign the expression pedal to).  So one patch doesn’t equal one sound – it’s a small collection of sounds which can also be modified by your playing style and what sort of controls your guitar (or other instrument) has on it.

I usually loop and layer different sounds to create a soundscape.  Depending on the situation, this can be either to create a meditation environment or to sing over (and also to improvise over).  So I’ve been creating more and more complex sounds and also rhythm patches that create different sounds when I tap the strings as “percussion”.

So, anyway, I’ve got my patches here for you to download if you have a compatible pedal.  Obviously an RP-500 should work.  An RP-1000 should also work.  Possibly other “lower” RP models might work for some patches (or some parts of patches).  To understand some of the issues involved in sharing patches between different DigiTech RP pedal models, you should read this DigiTech forum thread: (Oops – this forum has gone missing!) In that thread, this piece of freeware is mentioned that can help bridge the differences between models so that, for example, you should be able to take patches from an RP-500 and be able to “convert” and use them on an RP-1000: At that point, you’ll need the DigiTech X-Edit software to load them onto your pedal:

I intend to eventually add mp3 samples of all the patches, but that’s a truckload of work to get that done so we’ll see how that goes…

Edit 2019-01-18: Added 3 more new patches (without samples – need to record some – sorry about that!)

Edit 2018-04-18: I’ve updated several of the patches and added a few new ones.  I did not add the mp3 sample for the new ones, nor did I update the mp3 sample for the old ones.

Edit 2017-08-04: I’ve added the mp3 samples and it was only a wheelbarrow load of work!  I just noodled around on the presets (no great playing here) and didn’t do every foot-switch combination (compression, distortion, chorus/fx, delay, reverb) on the preset.  It’s worth listening (usually) to the whole preset sample as I try to audition different ways to play or different features of the preset – i.e. just listening to the first 3 seconds won’t necessarily give you an idea of what the preset can do.  Different techniques give different sounds – as do different guitar settings (tone knobs, pickup combos, etc.).  I’ve not explored all the different ways to play all these presets – in fact, I found a few new ideas just noodling around for these short recordings.  The ALL-IN-1 preset gets a lot more foot-switch action, as does rhythm5, since I tried to craft more functionality out of these two.  I may go back and try and make sure that all my presets have useful foot-switch settings.

FluteRunNo sample yet2018-03-28Special Effects, Flute soundRP500
WobblyNo sample yet2018-03-28Special Effects, chorded vibrato with expression pedal changesRP500
SwellVibNo sample yet2018-03-07Ambient,SwellRP500
Swell5No sample yet2018-03-07Ambient,SwellRP500
Swell4No sample yet2017-12-22Ambient,SwellRP500
SWELLROTNo sample yet2018-09-11Ambient,Swell,Rotary cabinetRP500
SWELL6No sample yet2018-09-26Ambient,SwellRP500
EBOWNo sample yet2018-09-26Ambient,Swell,Ebow-likeRP500

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