This insightful Stratfor article lists five calls to strategic intercession for the Church.  That’s not necessarily what George Friedman intended, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this Jewish man came from the tribe of Issachar, given his gift of understanding the times. I would encourage Christians to read it and expand their understanding of what is transpiring in the world and then to take it to the Throne of Grace to ask the Lord what He thinks and how one should pray.  I believe that Jesus cares about all of it – from the last item on the list (very personal and “micro”) to the other very “macro” international developments – and everything in between.

If you’re part of a House of Prayer, print this out and let it be some of the fuel for intercession.  We, the Church, are called to stand in these gaps as priests – bringing them before the Lord and bringing the Lord directly into the middle of each of these events/situations.


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