Hey look!  It’s the "once-a-year-blogger" at it again!

Seriously, I wanted to pop this post out before it got stale…which is the problem I have with most of my posts.  Good ideas, but no time/energy/mojo to fully develop them and get them posted.  Then they get stale and I’m like, "meh…"

So, this morning I listened to this teaching while doing the dishes (duh…)  Empty house and no pressure to be somewhere or rush through anything.  Voila a post!

For two days now, I’ve been sitting on what I’ll call a "minor but strategic conflict" with someone.  God has been slowly revealing things about this conflict (and me, of course), but things still feel so confusing.  So this teaching comes along this morning and speaks even more into the situation.  Consequently, I really felt God on it and got a lot of revelation from it.

Will you?  Hard to say.  It might just be me and/or this situation.  But I will say that I felt that Teddy Hart, the young-adult pastor at Renovatus Church, really does have some revelation on:

  • The Mercy of God
  • The Kingdom
  • Forgiveness
  • The parable of the King forgiving the debt of His servant

There are some conceptual connections here that I’ve not heard before and which add depth to this parable, bringing it alive for me.  I imagine that if you’re in a conflict and that you really are wrestling with God about it (and not just stewing) then I think there’s likely sustenance in here for you as well.

I don’t even remember if this is the first time I’ve blogged about Renovatus Church or not as a source for teachings. I think it might be.  At any rate, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  99% of the messages are from Jonathan Martin, the founding and current pastor, and he’s largely the public personality of what Renovatus Church is.  So I’m really recommending him and his messages to you.  The occasional guest speakers that he has are almost always good too.  This is, for example, the 2nd Teddy Hart message I’ve heard and while his speaking style has some rough spots for me, I feel like he has some real deep insights that resonate (at least in the 2 times I’ve heard him).

So, without further ado:


Renovatus podcasts

Jonathan Martin blog

Renovatus Church site


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