Sunday was our scenic day of driving from Denver to Santa Fe. I took so many pics that I put in this post that I had trouble uploading it from my phone! ūüėõ

We started the day driving from our friends’ house through our old neighborhood haunts. The first stop was solemn:

The week we left for our DTS in Germany in1999 was the week of the Columbine High School shootings. It was just a few miles from our house. When we arrived in Germany it was still world news.

Sunday morning we stopped at the park right next to the high school which was also next to the library we often visited. They had erected a memorial to the victims of the shooting and we spent about 20 minutes reading the inscriptions. (photo above) I found the inscriptions below particularly poignant.

The fountains at the memorial:

Then we drove over to our old house. We found it vacant, in some disrepair and up for sale as a repossession.

Then started a day of driving with beautiful vistas and clouds and weather.

Then we stopped at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

And finally we made it into New Mexico!

And since we couldn’t take the picture going in, we took it going out!

New Mexico also offered stunning horizons while driving.


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