Santa Fe & Las Cruces New Mexico

Halfway to Las Cruces we stopped to spend the night in Santa Fe, New Mexico, home of some incredible art galleries and boutiques. Thankfully we did our tourist thing Monday morning. The weather was delightful and the traffic non-existant! Apparently a weekend visit is a different experience. Our first stop was the miracle staircase at the Loretto chapel. Miracle or not, it was cool.

A coffee shop I’d have loved to visit if it were open. I guess we’ll get our share at Bethel!

Noah and Rachel find another set of cool stairs in Santa Fe.

My sentiments exactly! πŸ˜€

We made it fine to Las Cruces and the following day we celebrated Rachel’s 23rd birthday by going to see ‘Brave’ in 3D. A lot of fun and it brought back good memories from Scotland.

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