Lots of long straight miles between Indy and Wichita and Denver in 100 degree (F) weather. Thanks to a good car all has gone smoothly.

This was the best I could to capture the Kansas state line.

Construction wasn’t too bad but we have had some stretches. Thankfully US roads are already wide enough that driving on my narrowed lanes is not quite the white knuckle experience that one gets in German or Swiss highway construction zones!

Thanks to our friends Brian & Vanessa, we had wonderful accommodations and food in Wichita. The kids even had some good fun lighting off fireworks in their cul-de-sac. Thanks Conner for leading the way!

Between Wichita and Denver we saw a sign and a wonder (at least to me! ) There in Colby, Kansas, in the desolate stretches of I-70 near the Colorado state line we found a…


I wish I’d gotten a picture, but at least I got a Frappachino and a latte.

Another day (shorter) of hot, straight highway driving brought us to Denver in rush hour. It was slow going but fun as we began to stir up old Denver memories and there had just been a good thunder storm that had come through. Nothing like seeing good weather come in over the mountains!

We then reunited with Angela who had been retrieved from her retreat by our friends Keith & Annie. We’ve now enjoyed a wonderful meal and good night’s rest in their lovely home.


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