Yesterday we attended the end-of-year ‘fete’ (carnival) at Olivia’s  school. We’ve done this for 8 years now. The big difference this year was that we (Angela and I) did not have any (planned) responsibilities.

Not having to do any duty with the sound was a big deal for me! I still got pressed into a little duty when changing the stage before a concert was not going well. Other than that I had the surreal experience of watching others stress-out exactly as I had done for too many years in a row!

Olivia, however had 2 duties with her class:

1-do a sock puppet show on the life of St. Patrick

2-Perform a rendition of LEAN ON ME with the four French members her class, to whom were added two German girls who are here for a few months studying French and four Austrian ladies who are here for a week visiting Olivia’s class (they had visited their school in Vienna in May). So they were all singing it in English and Olivia was the only anglophone among them!

I took a video of the performance with my phone. A bit shaky video and the sound is really weak but you can see that they had fun, and live, it was really good! 😀

Lean On Me – 10th grade class at Lycee Daniel

All that activity before leaving made sleep difficult to come by last night, not to mention a stuffy hot room after several hot days.  But we got away smoothly this morning with a Lufthansa flight from Basel to  Frankfurt where we wait now for our Stateside flight.

Here are Olivia and Noah this morning when we were waiting in Basel.

And now we wait in Frankfurt:

Next report-from the States!


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