In sports there’s an axiom that says “Dance with the one who brung ya.” It’s often spouted by coaches, having just won a championship, who are justifying why they continued to play their star player who seemed to be having a bad start in the championship game. The idea is that when you understand the basis of your success, don’t screw it up by messing around with the formula…even if the formula doesn’t seem to be working.

In this teaching by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, the idea of how a move of God was sustained in the early church is put forth. The premise is that the move of God that lasted a generation had a foundation. The foundation was Acts 2:42.

(The title given by Bethel to this teaching is “Continuous Revival”. But, because of the way “revival” is used in many different contexts – its current “semantic cloud” if you will, I admit that I’m not a fan of the word right now. I find that it “mis-communicates” more often than really conveying its fullest/highest definition. )

Teaching – mp3 – 22Mb




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