I download a LOT of software. I’m searching a lot for freeware, etc. I’m a “feature-freak” and like a very full toolbox. There are a ton of sites out there with a lot of “flotsam and jetsam” to wade through. Everything is a “free download” but that no longer means that what you’re downloading is “free.”

I’ve found that in the sites that I download from, FileHippo has a unique feature that I really like: file versions. You don’t always need a back version but sometimes it will really save your bacon and they seem to keep a zillion versions of anything that they host. They don’t host everything but they do host a lot of the stuff I use.

At any rate, all my downloading and installing means more things that can get out of date as well. So today I discovered that they have a handy utility that will scan your system for installed software that they host, compare version and give you a results web page with direct download links for the software on your system, for which they host a more recent version. I tried it today and it’s been a downloading/installing fest. It can run at startup, do its check, and if it finds nothing, it terminates itself. I like that!

Check it out! https://www.filehippo.com/updatechecker/



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