Bill Johnson at IHOP’s ’07 Signs and Wonders Conference

Perhaps you’ve heard the “buzz” about Bill Johnson or Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Maybe you’ve read a book or heard a testimony, etc. This is a group of folks that I think would gladly wear the label “radical”…or perhaps more accurately: “radical is normal”.

Bill would like to have the Church understand, among other things, that our job as the Body of Christ in this world is to make the miraculous common place.

I’ll admit that this challenges me…and I’ll admit that this challenges me primarily because the supernatural is still more super than natural. This often uncomfortable postion of standing in the natural and reading about, praying about and desiring the “super” is not a place I want to stay…it takes a lot of energy. Either I slump back on the couch or I press into Jesus and contend for something more. As far as I can tell, it’s this 2nd choice that Bill Johnson has grabbed a hold of and is running with.

In these messages, he sheds (for me anyway) some new light on several passages in the Bible. You simply have to listen more than once to grab it because he makes a statement and you know there is much theological unpacking to be done behind that…and then he moves on to the next point! 😮

May these messages become seed in your life to contend for breakthrough in the world of the Kingdom of God in fullness!

Message 1 (mp3 – 17MB)

Message 2 (mp3 – 17MB)

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