This year I’ve been reading my Bible a bit differently. Taking a challenge I heard from a Mike Bickle teaching once, I’ve read “10 chapters a day” in the New Testament, which effectively takes you through the New Testament in 1 month. I’ve since re-divided that into “10 pages a day” because not all “10 chapters” are created equally!!! ūüėÄ

I’m coming toward the end of this year of reading in this way and I’m anxious to try the same sort of thing on other parts of the Bible. This has been very rewarding to do this for one year. It’s brought me a lot of revelation and new perspectives on things. I recommend it.

Having said that, there are certainly parts that I come up on and am not too anxious to read again. God is faithful though and continues to speak to me even in parts that become tedious for me to read. Sometimes however, we still need a fresh perspective from somewhere else to help us get past our mental blocks in reading certain passages.

For me one of those “certain passages” was different parts of the book of Acts, and in particular from when Paul goes on trial until the end. Well, I’ve found some help in the form of a teaching from NT Wright. During a recent visit to Asbury Seminary, NT Wright gave a number of excellent messages (more posts to come!) of which one was an overview of the book of Acts.

Wright has a way of injecting life into passages with perspectives that one has not really considered and an historical context that sheds an altogether different light on things you’ve read over and over.

So, after too much ado ūüôĄ enjoy this teaching on The Book of Acts by NT Wright (mp3 – 29MB)



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