Martin Scott, a key prophetic voice from the UK has been instrumental in the shaping of my theological growth in the last 6-7 years or so. I’ve had the privilege on a few different very brief occasions to work with him in the UK, but mostly in France. His is a catalytic calling. He’s called to be a catalyst in different geographic contexts. Currently that has included the UK, continental Europe and North and South America principally. He has the gift to challenge and stimulate in such a way that individuals and corporate expressions of the Body of Christ begin to walk out more fully what their identity is (i.e. he’s not interested in people serving his vision), but in connection with what God is doing on a more global basis. Additionally, he’s one of the few people (in my opinion) from the UK/Europe in the Body of Christ who speak with clarity/objectivity with respect to the United States. I find this very refreshing and appreciate him all the more because of it.

Lately, he’s been investing in the development of his web site, especially his blog. It is becoming a very effective tool for expression and exchange and I highly recommend it to you (especially the blog):

In the podcast part of his blog, he has a message that he gave a few months ago in Orangevale, California (he’s had quite an investment and impact in California). It’s main themes are that:

  • The faith that we steward individually and corporately has as its main goal, the transformation of this present world and
  • That what God is “up to” right now is strategically positioning the Body of Christ into the “gates” of our societies in order to be agents of the manifestation of God’s Kingdom in the world

Martin typically throws out a thought-provoking statement and then moves on quickly to another one! So don’t be surprised if you keep coming back and listening to this again to reflect on something you didn’t get the first time. In fact I encourage you to do that. I think I’m on my 3rd or 4th listening to this message right now!




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