Mike Bickle – The Magnet of Meekness

This is an excellent 2-part (the 2nd part is somewhat repetitive) series that flows well with many of the themes and topics covered by Mike Bickle and IHOP. It speaks of the way the meekness, exhibited in our life, attracts the attention of God. Mike emphasizes that God spoke it to him first…i.e. he’s preaching it but knows that he still needs to live it more…like all of us! 🙂

One of the reasons, however, that I’m posting it has to do with the application that is not mentioned – a corporate application for the United States.

It’s fairly obvious that the United States is big on independence. One side effect of this emphasis is that we receive most teachings as applying to us as individuals and a corporate application simply doesn’t occur to us.

So, as you listen to this, listen for yourself of course, but also take the points as referring to God speaking to your nation. If you’re an American, you’ll realize quickly (I think) that following this teaching would prove to be extremely radical…would that we did!

The Magnet of Meekness – Part 1 (30MB)

The Magnet of Meekness – Part 2 (26MB)

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