For Internet Browsing, I use Maxthon.

…no, not Internet Explorer…

…no, not Firefox…

Before IE 7 people thought that you had to run far and fast from IE to experience a user-oriented, highly-functional browsing experience. I’m using the best browser no-one seems to have heard of: Maxthon.

Maxthon is the successor to “MyIE”, a browser built on the IE engine. Maxthon is built on IE’s engine, which means that pages render like IE and not Mozilla/Firefox (though you can use the Mozilla engine to render if you so choose).

Even with IE 7, I’m still on Maxthon. I like its features (I’m a features hound…I confess). I feel stunted when using IE or Firefox now. I can only say check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

To start your Maxthon experience, head over to:

Edit: OK, this is quite old.  I’ve been a Firefox user for quite some time now.  Let’s not even talk about Chrome – can’t stomach it.  I have it installed for testing, etc.  Maxthon?  Well those were the days, no? ;c)




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