Hangin’ on for dear life

We’re in the midst of a 2-week vacation from school right at the moment and boy, I thought I’d have been able to “blog up” some major pontifications! It’s not for lack of swirling thoughts in my gray matter and my spirit. But to get them out and to get them out in a cogent and cohesive way seems to be just too much right now. Right now is for livin’ it and another day will be for writing about it. I pray that the revelations that are so necessary to continue to feed our forward progress will be even more solid and profound (and perhaps succinct?) for the waiting. ;c)

Tomorrow begins “Seminaire Mathurin Cordier” here in Guebwiller, France. Mathurin Cordier (whom I’d never heard of before coming here) was an instructor of John Calvin’s and Calvin later invited him to Geneva to head up a school there. (https://www.ianpaisley.org/article.asp?calvin1.htm). They have named this seminar for Christian Educators in the French-speaking world after him. The school we’re helping with (Collège-Daniel) and the church we go to (Église Josué) are both hugely involved and, consequently, so are we. It’s both tiring and exciting.

That pretty much sums up we’re we are right now, “tired and excited”. God has us on a wild ride of faith and obedience and we’re just sort of hanging on right now.

More when I can breathe a bit…

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