Alas and alack…

…is that spelled right?

Never mind. It’s been too long since I blogged. Obviously, like any web site, once you give birth, the care and feeding is the worst. So let me join in welcoming my friend Stacey Jillson into the “blog-care” scene with her new blog. Happy care and feeding! (I think I’m just jealous ’cause someone actually reads her blog…or else she’s forged some wonderful comments!)

Seriously “alas and alack” are for the fact that “January 2006” will never appear in my Blog archives. It’s not that I had nothing to say, I was just too tired or busy to say it! In fact I was going to begin a multi-part diatribe on the problem of our “dualist” thinking in the Western Church and how we need to shake that off…but I didn’t strike while the iron of passion was hot and the motivation got buried.

Now I’m riding the “lesser of all evils” motivation for blogging…though my todo list is long, my desire to tackle much of it falls way short.

Today I visited a cardiologist and had a resting EKG which showed normal. I have two more kinds of tests and then a stress test in the coming months and then hopefully I can say that “all is well”. The blood test I took recently was normal and crossed off a number of possibilities from the “I wonder why I don’t feel tip-top these days?” response list. I’m fairly sure that there is a spiritual component at play here…if not even 100% spiritual. At any rate, it is a subject of personal prayer and proclamation (à la Ezekiel in chapter 37 prophesying to the “dry bones” to live!) and God has already begun to deal with inner fears and anxieties and basic thought patterns in me through this whole process. For that I’m truly thankful!

Ok, with my blogging conscience somewhat assuaged, I think I’ll try and tackle a bit of my todo list now.

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