In France they call it “bricolage”. In the UK, it’s DIY (Do It Yourself) and in the States, it’s often “Home Improvement” (though I struggled a bit in finding the exact word we use in “American”). In my language, I call it a “trial!”

The advent of my first blog entry coincides nicely with the end of a frustrating day working on the house. I’m struck by the comparison of fiddling with computers and fiddling with houses. Both can be beset with huge, time-wasting problems that work hard to rob you of your joy. But for some reason, I find myself in the minority of those who would rather have my time wasted and consumed by my computer than my house.

There are probably many a danger signal in that for me, of course…fodder for another day’s meditation…

On my computer, I’ve just created this blog, and it took a fair bit of effort to get it to look and work the way I wanted it. There are still things I’d like to do and problems I’ll encounter, but the blog is largely “done”. Now, I simply need to “move in” and enjoy it.

On my house, we’re trying to take our 1900’s era Alsatian house that was lived in by a widow for the last umpteen years and transform it into something that a family of 5 can actually live in and enjoy. We’re doing it on no budget at all and, at least in my case, little skill and even less experience. At least my wife has an eye for these things!

It’s good for me to get the experience but it’s not pleasant. I’ve enjoyed the new things I’ve learned while getting this blog functioning. I can only hope that I’ll eventually enjoy my new-found home-improvement skills and enjoy a nicer home when all is said and done.

In the meantime, I’ll cozy up to my keyboard and enjoy my new virtual surroundings.



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