Got your sail up for 2010?

Have you caught the force of God’s wind for you for this year? This decade? While I think that vision and plan like an airline itinerary is probably the exception, I do believe that because God wants us to regularly come to Him for loving communion and Kingdom direction that He gave us times and seasons. They are a gift to us propel us in regular movement towards His heart; into His embrace; forward in Kingdom advancement, etc.

So, for me the turn of the year is a special time of anticipation to catch the wind of the Spirit for the coming year and to more fully understand the year that just passed. What did 2009 make possible? What does 2010…indeed the whole decade…hold for us?!

In addition to hearing directly from the Lord Himself, our Father desires that His children listen to each other…(that’s what friends and brothers and sisters do…it’s called relationship). So, I’m a big fan of regular listening to voices that I know are pressing into the Lord’s heart. They have keys that will help me unlock doors.

If you don’t already have your collection of sources that speak to you, you’re welcome to mine!

Here’s a message from Bill Johnson called “The Power of a Promise” speaking about Isaiah 45:1-3 and the life that God puts on a word that He give you. This is a passage that Bill feels is important for this year. Then there are several blog posts with various prophetic voices and discussions about 2010 and a link to the archives of the OneThing conference that happens at the turn of every year in Kansas City. Why don’t you post links to sources that have spoken to you in the comments? The wind of the Spirit is blowing for 2010. Get your sails up!

The Power of a Promise by Bill Johnson (MP3 17.7MB)

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