Spiritual Violence and an understanding of John the Baptist

I’m excited to make this teaching by Mike Bickle available. I feel that it lays a key foundation conceptually, if not in practical detail, of how the Christian life is supposed to work. It can re-orient our western way of approaching Jesus and spirituality. It is also very important in how we position our hearts for the future that awaits us, and the future that we shape with our lives.

Practically speaking (in a theological sense) it also can help us make sense of Matthew 11 and John the Baptist…an often enigmatic figure in scripture…but who is, as you will see, of supreme importance to us in this generation of human history as a sign and an example.

I know this is all vague language, but you really need to listen to this to “get it” in my opinion.

Click here for the teaching (15Mb) (recorded during the 2007 Passion For Jesus Conference at IHOP)