Surprised by Hope

Surprised by Hope is the name of NT Wright’s latest book. He’s been on a speaking tour about the book and there are several very good audio teachings from this tour linked out there on which cover more or less the same ground (but don’t let me stop you from listening to them all!) I chose these two (though one is not specifically from his book tour) because they are both only about 30 minutes long and they both give some very concise and succinct theology. I think this is what is so important about this book (which, I confess, I’ve not read yet…but I feel like I have after listening to all his talks on it!). It sheds light on popular mis-conceptions about the foundations of the Christian faith that, frankly, most of us in the Western world have simply not gotten right. Additionally, they are fundamental truths that, if skewed, really cripple the impact of the Body of Christ on the world…which, unfortunately, is what has happened in the last 200 years or so…to the point where we no longer realize we’re limping.

Enjoy and be challenged!

Interview on radio station KZUM (13Mb)

At St. Aldates church in Oxford, England The Roots, Basis And Fruits Of Christian Hope (8Mb – mp3)

But HOW do you know?

NT Wright is one of my favorite teachers and since discovering him (thanks Martin!), I’ve gleaned so much from his insights. While he lectures frequently in the States, it’s very often in the context of very “established” denominational streams…the sort that probably would invite a renowned New Testament theologian and prolific author. Consequently, many people that I connect with in the States, mostly from “charismatic” and/or “evangelical” contexts might not have yet stumbled upon him. One of the reasons that I find him stimulating is that he manages to place his feet firmly in more than one theological camp. I love those voices that challenge my boxes well, without simply being from “another box.”

I commend to you a web site dedicated to the cataloging of his writings, messages, etc. You’ll find text but also audio and video there. There is also a “log page” that details what has changed recently. I use the service to stay up-to-date with his audio teachings and find that a tremendous resource. Most of his more recent things can now be found at:

This particular message that I recommend here is “Can a scientist believe in the Resurrection?” It was given at the The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in May 2007. What I found particularly interesting was NT Wright’s discourse on how we know something. Really worth listening and understanding!

You can find both text and video for the message at their web site:

Here is the audio link (18MB – mp3):