I’m sorry, but Maxthon is just too cool!

My thanks go out to my friend Keith who, probably 2-3 years ago, turned me onto Maxthon.  Never heard of it?  It’s the best-kept secret in the browser wars…the stealth weapon if you will.

Personally, I hate the browser wars…or any “technology religious war” for that matter.  Just use what you want to use and don’t feel like you need to prove that your choice is the best…period…full-stop…point-bar (ok, I’ve run out of languages).

Having said that, I’ll fire a shot across the Firefox bow anyway.  There is such a high-and-mighty attitude that people take about *you-name-it* vs. Microsoft’s offering in all sorts of software categories that I simply get annoyed.

Anyway, Maxthon is a browser that sits on top of the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer.  Yes that might turn some people off and understandably so…BUT, IE does create, for better or worse, a “defacto-standard” of sorts in its page-rendering…and IE7 is way better than IE6 and hopefully standards compliance will continue…just try to not nurse those wounds so actively all you Firefox evangelists!

Because Maxthon “sits on top of” IE so to speak, sites recognize my browser as “IE” and if they are annoying about this, they’ll provide some sort of message that I’m living a substandard life because I’m using IE…how arrogant is that!?  Don’t get me started…ok, don’t let me continue!

Why do I say that Maxthon is just too cool?  Because it works the way I want it to work right out of the box.  With Firefox, I have to suffer with a clunky interface until I search through a mountain of plugins to make it a little better.  Yes, I’m a feature freak.  I LOVE features.  I know that there are some who do not even want to know about features that have not entered into their mind.  If they desire it, they’ll look for it.  That’s great, more power to you.  I’m not like that.  I appreciate software design that anticipates what a user might want to do and provides for it ahead of time.  I see it as being a “thoughtful software designer.”

So, if you like feature-rich software that’s designed to anticipate what you think you’ll want to do.  I’d highly suggest that you check out Maxthon as your browser of choice.

Once you’ve installed the basic package, you’ll have tons of features to explore.  However (in ginsu-kife parlance), wait!…there’s more!  Yes Virginia, there are plugins!  And the reason I’m blogging this particular entry is that I’ve discovered the BlogEX plugin to make quick blogging easy in Maxthon.  This is my first post with it and I’m hoping that I like what it does.  So far the setup is great and the composing experience is admirable.  I typically use Zoundry Raven as a full-featured blogging client and probably will continue to do so, but for the “quick post”, this may be the ticket!

Maxthon Browser

For Internet Browsing, I use Maxthon.

…no, not Internet Explorer…

…no, not Firefox…

Before IE 7 people thought that you had to run far and fast from IE to experience a user-oriented, highly-functional browsing experience. I’m using the best browser no-one seems to have heard of: Maxthon.

Maxthon is the successor to “MyIE”, a browser built on the IE engine. Maxthon is built on IE’s engine, which means that pages render like IE and not Mozilla/Firefox (though you can use the Mozilla engine to render if you so choose).

Even with IE 7, I’m still on Maxthon. I like its features (I’m a features hound…I confess). I feel stunted when using IE or Firefox now. I can only say check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

To start your Maxthon experience, head over to: https://www.maxthon.com/

Edit: OK, this is quite old.  I’ve been a Firefox user for quite some time now.  Let’s not even talk about Chrome – can’t stomach it.  I have it installed for testing, etc.  Maxthon?  Well those were the days, no? ;c)