Forerunners get filled early

Yesterday, several of us who are involved in leading worship at our church had a time of targeted prayer for a worship team of junior high students at Olivia’s school. This was the 2nd such time of prayer that we’ve had for young worshipers in the last few days. We laid hands on them and spoke what the Lord gave us for them. It was a powerful time and we’re recognizing that God is moving on them specifically, but on younger and younger people in general. I mentioned a bit about this in the recent post about the Elijah Generation teaching by Steve Freeman.

This morning I was re-reading the most recent post in the monthly European intercessor’s blog, The Daywatch, by Roger Mitchell. In it, he’s studying the work of the Holy Spirit, using the book of Luke, to help us understand who the Holy Spirit is/what He does so that we can better recognize what He is doing NOW (and follow Him…duh!). The first thing mentioned in what I was reading is that the Holy Spirit is the Preparer. Roger underlined this by noting that it was the Holy Spirit who literally put the embryonic Jesus in a teen-aged girl.

As I’m studying German now (yea!), I thought reading through Luke 1 in my German Bible would be a good connection to this whole topic. Reading your Bible in a foreign language that you’re in the process of learning is a fabulous tool…not only for the language acquisition, but for opening up spiritual insights. You are forced to read at a different pace and frequently, you’re faced with translation differences that give you pause…to…reconsider…what…you…think…you…already…know.

This morning my (exceedingly) slow paced reading, and the focus of the work of the Holy Spirit caused me to stop at Luke 1:15 where the angel tells Zachariah that John the Baptist would be filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb. It’s not clear when exactly this happened, but in Luke 1:41 it says that John the Baptist lept in Elisabeth’s womb and that Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit at that time.

I’m guessing that John got the Holy Spirit before Elisabeth and that his reaction to recognizing Jesus was the key for his (aged, barren) mother to get filled. I think this is a pattern for our times!

Through listening to Mike Bickle and teachings from IHOP, I’ve been familiar for awhile with the concept of the Forerunner and the spirit of the Forerunner coming on a whole generation and seeing people getting on fire at younger and younger ages. That’s typically been filed in the “yes-Lord,-I’m-glad-you’re-doing-that-somewhere-on-the-earth” folder. Well, I think what’s already raining down in different places on the earth is starting to sprinkle here!

If John the Baptist is the obvious model for the Forerunner, I think the “younger and younger” manifestation is probably the normal progression. Watch out pregnant women!!!

Catching up with the Elijah Generation

Just yesterday, here in France, we were praying for the various youth worship teams that are springing up at the same time that there seems to be a generation of youth that are rising up with such a profound anger in their hearts. These, “angry” youth (also in our Christian school!) unconsciously have a certain “vengeance” in their heart because they grew up without parental love. This is taken out on the teachers in our Christian school. Our teachers have the opportunity to be the vehicles of healing and reconciliation with respect to the generational divide sown so deeply in so many of today’s youth. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to love those who provoke you constantly…we all know that. What we’re seeing, however, is that a new anointing for worship is rising in younger and younger age groups. One of the things that comes with worship is the spirit of revelation…a revelation of who God is and who He has made us to be and a revelation of how we express Him in the times in which we live.

This worshiping generation is preparing the way of the Lord. I believe they come, as it is spoken of in Malachi 4:5-6, in the spirit of Elijah…the result being generational and family reconciliation. I believe this spirit of Elijah will, among other things, touch our teachers so that they realize that they can be the “fathers” whose hearts are restored to their children (their students) so that the reciprocal heart change can also take place and touch broken families and restore the destiny of a chosen generation.

This morning I re-listened to a teaching given by Steve Freeman this summer at Bread of Life church in Indianapolis about the Forerunner Generation that is arising now. It’s a wonderful teaching that begins with an overview of Church History that will stir your spirit. Steve then lays out the Forerunner Movement and the acceleration of God’s activity in the earth right now. It came together in my spirit that we’re seeing that right here…right now with this generation of young worshipers. Exciting times!

A Generation Calling – August 2009 – mp3 22Mb

Martin Scott – Generational Anointings, Stewardship, Partnership

This last weekend, I went to a conference in Germany with some others from our church here in France. In order to get my German ear stimulated again (one of the teachings was actually in Spanish, translated into German…fun to see how much I understood!), I revisited the fabulous site where one can find a huge deposit of downloadable teachings in MP3 format. Most are all in German but a fairly large percentage are from English-language speakers translated into German. Some of my favorite teachers can be found there so I get a good teaching and it’s translated into German as well. Highly recommended!

Anyway, I listened to this teaching by Martin Scott from the Gideon’s Army/Target Europe conference in Hanover in 2001. Very timely for what we experienced this weekend in our conference in Germany. His primary topic was intergenerational anointings and before he spoke about that he also had a preamble about partnership and how we, who are rooted in a given locality can partner with those who have been called and sent from somewhere else and how this partnership accelerates God’s purposes in a given geographic location. The two topics are related as well…an excellent and strategic teaching that is not stale seven years later.

Here’s the link from that site for the teaching.

MP3 file download link from (18Mb)