Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…

In my ongoing quest to juxtapose two teachings that come from different perspectives, yet both say very important things, I offer to you a teaching by Martin Scott called “Prophet as sign” and a two-part teaching by Dave Sliker of IHOP called “Signs of the Times.”

Both speakers make excellent, if divergent points about “signs” and I believe there is value in holding these somewhat divergent perspectives in tension. It’s the “triangulation” of two valid, well-thought-out, biblically-justified, coming-from-godly-people, and yet divergent perspectives with what we feel is God’s perspective that brings “3D” depth to our otherwise “2D” theological understanding. So, while I’m not encouraging that we simply listen to something and then find someone who disagrees so that we can wallow in discord, I am saying that we can increase our depth and breadth of understanding of who God is, His heart, and His plans when we tenaciously (in prayer and meditation) hold in tension two such perspectives.

Prophet as Sign: (29MB mp3) (Martin’s blog post about this teaching:

Signs of the Times: Part 1 (14MB mp3), Part 2 (14MB mp3)

Jim Maher – Why/How Do We Stand For Israel?

I’m recommending this 2-part teaching not because I believe that it represents the be-all/end-all of end-times eschatology and where Israel fits in that. I’m recommending it for these reasons:

    • It addresses questions that we, as the Body of Christ need to be addressing. Again the responses/perspectives are not necessarily all ones that I share, but we need wrestle with the subject matter and some of the conclusions being drawn. None of us (and the speaker admits this too) has all the answers about the future because God continues to bring revelation…and He will for eternity!
    • The speaker manages to land in several different ideological/theological camps at the same time. Those who are fully convinced about certain things will find themselves saying, “Yes! Finally someone who is trumpeting truth!” and then 5 minutes later, “It’s Bozos like this guy that give Christians a bad name!” Personally, I find the ability (whether conscious or not) to mesh together polar opinions a virtue in and of itself in this hugely dualistic age in which we live! 🙂

This message was given as part of the Passion For Jesus 2007 conference at IHOP in Kansas City.

Jim Maher-Why Do We Stand For Israel? (11.6MB)

Jim Maher-How Do We Stand For Israel? (18.7MB)