Language is a many splendored thing

If you’ve at all noticed how often I blog, you can see that I’ve lost a lot of my "mojo" for blogging.  One reason is that I have too much to say!  I just can’t sit down and get all my thoughts out easily.  It takes enough energy that even though I’m excited by something enough that I want to express it, the expression itself matters enough to me that I tend to see it as a mountain that I just don’t have time to climb at the moment.

Anyway, this morning, I was listening to a teaching, as usual, while washing the dishes and I figured, that if I just started typing, I could get some of my excitement out before I thought about how big a task it is! (I’m trying to trick myself! Smile with tongue out )

I was listening to a series of teachings/discussions by a guy named Skip Moen on the book of Matthew.  Skip is a theologian/Bible scholar who, while still teaching various theological courses at a university level, is also endeavoring to reach a broader circle of Christians with the message of what a Hebrew/Old Testament contextualization of the New Testament does to help us better understand Jesus, God, His Kingdom, etc.  I learned about Skip Moen because Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding, CA mentioned him in a sermon about 6 months ago or so. 

The plug from Bill interested me because he made reference to some word/concept in scripture and then what the Hebrew behind all that really means and it really brought it to life.  I’ve experienced that before when I’ve discovered the original language meaning and cultural context of something in the Bible – typically something I thought I already knew/understood.  I’ve also experienced that in a more modern context by simply living in another country where another language is spoken – even though there is no disconnect in the temporal context. 

Language and cultural context are enormous!  I don’t know how I can stress that enough – other than to say that I understand as well that it really has to be experienced to be fully understood (which is, itself a concept taken from a Hebraic world view!) These recordings of this study of Matthew are interesting because you can hear the discussion and the questions of the people in the discussion on the recording.  When he presents something that creates a cognitive dissonance in them that I don’t personally feel, I realize just how far God has brought me these last dozen years or so outside of the American and English context – and how valuable that journey has been.

So, all that to say go have a listen yourself and expand your dimensions of understanding and knowing God and His plan for us and His Creation.

Bill Johnson’s series on the Transformed Mind

In July, 2010 Bill Johnson, the pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California began a series of messages on the Transformed Mind. I’ve no idea (nor maybe does he!) if this series is even over yet, but here are the teachings that I think are part of this series (he sometimes interrupts his series to teach on something else). If I find more, I’ll add them here.

At any rate, this is powerful stuff! One of the things that I like about it is that it is not the transformed/renewed mind message that I’ve heard so much, which is basically:

Meditate on scripture so you won’t think bad thoughts!

While there’s truth to that, it’s not terribly motivating for the long-haul and frankly, it doesn’t make for a stirring message! 😉

Bill’s approach, while wide-ranging and deep, seems to focus more on what he terms “pillar truths.” These are truths that once they’re in place, allow us to properly “triangulate” our way through the rest of the truths (or lies) that come our way so that we maintain a perspective that is godly…things like (not an exhaustive list):

  • the love of the Father
  • our complete righteousness in Jesus
  • the completed work of the Cross
  • living under an open heaven
  • the Church/Body of Christ brokering heaven’s reality on the earth

Living with minds firmly established in pillar truths allows us to aggressively filter the other perspectives that we’re continually assaulted with and allows us to walk in a different reality that is not just for us but is projected around us.

OK, as the French would say, ” enough blah, blah! “, here are the messages:

Transformed Series – Really Saved – mp3 – 20.5Mb

Transformed Series – From Glory to Glory – mp3 – 23Mb

Transformed Series – Gate of Heaven – mp3 – 23Mb

Transformed Series – The Real Jesus – mp3 – 23Mb

Transformed Series – The Power of a Seed – mp3 – 21Mb

Here’s the last one in the series…a powerful message about being the Bride. Very interesting to hear the same things from Bill Johnson that I’ve heard from Mike Bickle and IHOP for years, but from a different perspective. Very good.

Transformed Series – Being a Bride – mp3 – 17Mb

And finally (I think) an added bonus. This is a talk Bill recently gave to the students of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. It’s not specifically in the series nor only about the transformed mind, but it does cover that and is very complementary. Excellent stuff.

BSSM Bill Johnson November 2010 – mp3 – 38.4Mb

The account is in the black, make a withdrawal!

Here are two recent (February 2010)teachings by Bill Johnson from Bethel Church that I think dovetail quite nicely in giving us a sense of God’s purposes right now and how we posture ourselves to plug into it and become a conduit for it. Bill speaks specifically to his congregation, but the offer is always there: if this resonates with you, take it for yourself and your context…family, work, school, city, region, etc. If you’re aware of what God is doing in any space/time intersection , and that begins to resonate with you, what you’re feeling is God saying, “Yes! That’s for you too! Reach out and possess and pursue that particular promise right now!” God’s goodness and breakthrough power is always for now but we have to “plug into” that flow in some way to access it…the mechanics of “how” being less important than stepping out in some way, saying, “Yes Lord! I agree, I’m reaching out and laying hold of that purpose and promise!

Unclouded Sky (mp3 21Mb)

The Spirit of Breakthrough (mp3 20Mb)

Got your sail up for 2010?

Have you caught the force of God’s wind for you for this year? This decade? While I think that vision and plan like an airline itinerary is probably the exception, I do believe that because God wants us to regularly come to Him for loving communion and Kingdom direction that He gave us times and seasons. They are a gift to us propel us in regular movement towards His heart; into His embrace; forward in Kingdom advancement, etc.

So, for me the turn of the year is a special time of anticipation to catch the wind of the Spirit for the coming year and to more fully understand the year that just passed. What did 2009 make possible? What does 2010…indeed the whole decade…hold for us?!

In addition to hearing directly from the Lord Himself, our Father desires that His children listen to each other…(that’s what friends and brothers and sisters do…it’s called relationship). So, I’m a big fan of regular listening to voices that I know are pressing into the Lord’s heart. They have keys that will help me unlock doors.

If you don’t already have your collection of sources that speak to you, you’re welcome to mine!

Here’s a message from Bill Johnson called “The Power of a Promise” speaking about Isaiah 45:1-3 and the life that God puts on a word that He give you. This is a passage that Bill feels is important for this year. Then there are several blog posts with various prophetic voices and discussions about 2010 and a link to the archives of the OneThing conference that happens at the turn of every year in Kansas City. Why don’t you post links to sources that have spoken to you in the comments? The wind of the Spirit is blowing for 2010. Get your sails up!

The Power of a Promise by Bill Johnson (MP3 17.7MB)

Permalink to 2010: from Paul Leader (link no longer valid)

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What lies ahead?So what about 2010?

which way the prophetic directions for 2010? The new year, snow and fresh communication routes…

onething’09 Conference Archives

A corporate anointing on a company of people to change a city

This is the time of year when we reflect and hear from the Lord about His heart for the coming 12 months. (God Himself is not bound by time, but He gives it to us as a gift to keep us on the journey with Him and to help us move “from glory to glory” [2 Cor 3:18]. So, while time is not necessary for Him, I believe that it is necessary for us and important for us.)

While it’s not a new message, I feel that for our assembly of believers, EGLISE JOSUE in Guebwiller, France, 2010 is a year in which we are called to come into a new revelation and experience (words that actually should be inseparable, but in Western thinking are separate):

  • of our corporate identity
  • in order that we could carry a corporate anointing
  • in order that we could come along side our city (Guebwiller and the surrounding area)
  • in order that we would bless the city
  • in order that the city would become a blessing to the nations

In this audio teaching from Bethel Church in Redding, CA, Bill Johnson explains how God needs a company of people, as opposed to an individual, in order to pour out a blessing and an anointing sufficiently powerful to facilitate transformation of a city or a region. The level of blessing and anointing necessary would crush an individual, but a company of believers who are walking in unity of honest heart relationships can successfully steward such a measure of grace.

I encourage liberal quantities of this teaching while praying for your church and your city. I think this is a word for us specifically, but the same Holy Spirit is undoubtedly saying the same thing specifically to many believers around the world. Start praying and proclaiming the end result now: Jesus, make name-your-city a blessing to the nations!

Practical Steps to Change the World (mp3 9.5Mb)

The Power and Sources of Grace

I’ve probably re-listened to this one about five times already! Each time I’ve been able to capture something new. It’s possible that it’s only because of where I’m at, but it’s really spoken to me.

In this teaching Bill Johnson shares the power of grace in our lives…how it not only enables us, but also changes us in the process. Then he shares practically the 3 contexts in which we can receive…and give…grace. Amazing stuff!

“Fill ‘er up” Mp3 23Mb

What you know will keep you from what you need to know

I really like this teaching from Bill Johnson. It’s not that it reveals a great truth, but it reveals how great truth is acquired and implemented in our life. It’s a sort of primer on how God reveals Himself in “layers” and how a new depth of truth will often appear to challenge an existing truth. It’s this challenge…this paradox…that requires that we keep our focus on the God who is THE TRUTH and not on our intellectual grasp of some concept. We have to seek the God who gives the revelation to experience a new level of anointing and experience in Him to allow us to live in the new truth. That’s not the way we think in the West, unfortunately. We are (I know I am) enamored and satisfied with new concepts…to the point where we don’t actually live it out. This satisfaction actually causes you to resist what God would reveal to you.

So, open your heart to what God would reveal to you in this teaching!

Experiencing the Great Things (mp3 25.5Mb)