Read the Psalms in a month

I wanted to read through the Psalms in a month but read about the same amount of text each day.  I know I’m not the first to do this division of reading, but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.  I chose to make Psalm 119 for day 31 as I didn’t want to miss out on the last few Psalms for 5 months of the year.  For a list that goes literally in order, you can see this one:

Here’s mine:

Day 1  Psalm 1-7
Day 2  Psalm 8-14
Day 3  Psalm 15-18
Day 4  Psalm 19-23
Day 5  Psalm 24-29
Day 6  Psalm 30-33
Day 7  Psalm 34-36
Day 8  Psalm 37-38
Day 9  Psalm 39-42
Day 10 Psalm 43-46
Day 11 Psalm 47-50
Day 12 Psalm 51-55
Day 13 Psalm 56-60
Day 14 Psalm 61-66
Day 15 Psalm 67-69
Day 16 Psalm 70-73
Day 17 Psalm 74-77
Day 18 Psalm 78
Day 19 Psalm 79-83
Day 20 Psalm 84-88
Day 21 Psalm 89-91
Day 22 Psalm 92-98
Day 23 Psalm 99-103
Day 24 Psalm 104-105
Day 25 Psalm 106-108
Day 26 Psalm 109-115
Day 27 Psalm 116-118, Psalm 120-125
Day 28 Psalm 126-135
Day 29 Psalm 136-142
Day 30 Psalm 143-150
Day 31 Psalm 119

Sarkozy and Cyrus

A year ago at this time, when France was between the two rounds of its most recent presidential election, Samuel Rhein said this, “Either Sarkozy or Royale needs to be a Cyrus in God’s hands at this time.” Recently, on Martin Scott’s blog, I posted a resume of the new “Mediterranean Union” proposed by Nicholas Sarkozy during his election campaign. Just now, I’m listening to a two-part teaching by Mike Bickle about “The Cyrus Anointing.”

This teaching was given in the context of IHOP’s “Joseph Company” marketplace-ministry. Mike is speaking mostly in a context of business leaders with respect to the Cyrus Anointing, though he does place it in a larger perspective as well. He probably wasn’t primarily thinking, however, about leaders of countries. Well, I was thinking about Samuel Rhein’s call to intercessors to pray for the next president to become like “Cyrus in God’s hands.” Consequently, when one sees what is proposed by the Mediterranean Union, the call for Nicholas Sarkozy to be like Cyrus and listens to this teaching, there are all sorts of interesting possibilities. Most importantly, however, I think that this is a call for intercessors to birth the purposes of God during this hour of history.

So, whether you listen to this specifically with respect to Sarkozy or just to understand the Cyrus anointing in the end times, I commend to you an excellent resource in these teachings to fuel your intercession.

The Cyrus Anointing – Part 1 (mp3 – 25MB)

The Cyrus Anointing – Part 2 (mp3 – 31MB)